Recaps for the weekend of February 8

Our teams had another wonderful weekend of tournaments! Most teams played their first of the season, with the exception of our 16 Purple who got to play two weeks in a row! Special thank you to some of our players who jumped right into the 16 Purple team for the weekend so they could play - we really appreciate it!Here are some recaps of the weekend directly from our coaches!

"14 Black improved tremendously through the day! They played their best volleyball at the end of the day!"

"14 Purple progressed very well through the tournament. They won their last match with amazing hustle and heart! For their first tournament (ever for many of them) - I am so proud!"

"I am very proud and excited about 14 Teal's first tournament! We got 3 wins, definitely had a rocky start but got better through the tournament. Can't wait to see what this next tournament holds for us!"

"16 Black / 16 Purple / 15 Black (for the weekend) added a few players for a last minute tournament so we could relax and have fun. We continued to improve through the day and showed we can compete with any team in the region when we want to! We just need to practice as hard as we play! We look forward to getting back at it this weekend at Catasaqua High School!"

~ 17's recap coming soon ~



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